Iram International

Contracting Services

One of the most important sectors in which IRAM International has distinguished since its inception to occupy an advanced position among the largest contracting companies operating in the Republic of Yemen.  IRAM International was keen to develop and expand the contracting sector to cover all areas, starting from building construction work to infrastructure work, sewage works, extending water networks, building metal structures, etc., based on IRAM’S ambition to face all challenges in the field of contracting and keep pace with the development in contracting technology. IRAM was keen to build a specialized team with high experience to provide the best services of high quality in order to satisfy customers and investors, taking into account all international conditions and specifications, starting from occupational health and safety and environmental safety in all different sites and activities.

  • Building and constructing buildings.
  • Manufacture of prefabricated houses.
  • Sanitary works.
  • Extension of water networks.
  • Building and establishing the given structures.
  • Protection and shielding of buildings and security and safety works.
  • Building maintenance and rehabilitation services. 
  • Engineering consulting services.