Our Vision

Our Vision


IRAM International seeks to be one of the best service and commercial groups globally distinguished in the field of contracting and logistics services through the implementation of strategic plans in all service and commercial fields that it provides. IRAM International also seeks to have branches all over the world to provide all its distinguished services.

our Mission

Our Mission


Providing a range of integrated services to customers according to the highest international standards to ensure customer satisfaction and assure the quality of work.


Our Quality


Iram international is special with its experience in many fields which enables the customer to get all his needs and requests from one place, that Is through our specialized team in all the fields that iram international where iram team works according to the highest standards with high flexibility non-limited using latest technical systems which contribute to the completion of the required tasks and services in the time with efficient manner.


Quality Management

One of the basics that the IRAM team believes in is that quality management is basic to achieve success through joint and continuous efforts in planning, organizing, developing, and improving work performance and services that are provided to customers on an ongoing basis to achieve complete and continuous customer satisfaction.


Time Management

 IRAM International considers the schedule for managing working time a process of planning, practicing and conscious control over the time spent in specific activities, assistance plans for time management through a set of skills, tools and techniques used to manage time and the specific tasks, projects and objectives that correspond to the date of assignment are accomplished, and our time management concept is achieved according to a designed set of processes, tools, techniques and methods. Time management is considered a necessity in any development or service project, as it determines the project’s completion, scope and success rate to reach the real concept of time management.



Risk Management

The specialized department is in the process of measuring and evaluating risks and creating a strategy for managing them. IRAM International relies on specific strategies to transfer risks to another side, avoid them, reduce their negative effects and mitigate them to acceptable levels, and reduce the percentage of risks that we may face. 



Our Management


A systematic process that aims to ensure organization and through which all ideas are presented to bring about change for the better. What distinguishes us, the IRAM International team, is that the task of administrative and organizational development is not limited to management only, it is the task of every employee. Development is also considered a collective function that is included in a coordinating advisory department that has the appropriate ideas for implementation.


The concept of communication in business and project management is related to choosing appropriate methods of communication between departments and employees on one hand, and between departments and customers on the other hand, with the importance of determining the most important information that must be communicated to each of those parties. IRAM International contributes to improving the level of interaction between the work team and customers to enhance work management In general. The Communication Department contributes to documenting the information of the two sides, facilitating the exchange of information between the various departments, and following up on work progress procedures.


It is how IRAM International works to manage the skills related to personnel affairs, as it is a specific department with working cadres, as IRAM International works to attract and maintain effective professional competencies by analyzing the reality and requirements of work and successful planning to obtain professional and appropriate staff for the needs of work.


Our Serivces

Logistic Services

Contrating Services

Transportation Services

Customs clearance services

agricultural services

Veterinary Services

Warehouse Services

sterilization and fumigation Services